Important Messages


Click here for a February 2018 list of important phone numbers relevant to the association:  Utility Information

Please wear your wristband to the pool and exercise room.  Season is arriving.  It will be getting crowded.  It helps other residents recognize you, it makes it easier for the community patrol to do their job and therefore they are more likely to do it.

If you don’t have a wristband, you can get them for yourself and guests at the guard shack.

Take Action to prevent water damage

Water leaks can be costly.  They can damage your condominium.  They can damage your neighbors.

Water leaks often go undetected for lengthy periods of time.  This can lead to the growth of mold which is extremely expensive and difficult to remove.

A neighbor with years of experience in the insurance industry has shared with us the most common causes of water leaks.

Our buildings are now over 10 years old. Many of the items listed below may or may not have been addressed by their then/ now owners. An example, would be to replace hot water tanks with no less than the manufacturers recommendations. In other words if the hot water tank is a six‐year tank it should be replaced at the end of six years. Toilet water supply lines are notorious for failure and in part due to the original installation. If they are installed with tools rather than by hand the plastic composition is likely to weaken and crack. Newer toilet supply lines are now available whereas they are installed by hand and omit a click sound when the tightening process is completed.

Other items such as water supply lines to sinks, dishwashers, icemakers etc. also  become weakened over time and should be replaced every eight or nine years. Another offender is the under sink water filters. Many of these filter  canisters  crack simply due to long‐ term water pressure. Anyone using  under-counter  filters should have them replaced every five or six years. Cleaning of air‐conditioning drain lines needs to be administered carefully. In many cases the lines are not properly cleaned, the cleaning process merely loosens material in the line leaving it to coagulate and cause a drain-line blockage.

The most common causes of water damage:

1) hot water tanks

2) toilet water supply lines

3) water supply lines to kitchen sink and bathroom vanities

4) water supply lines to dishwashers

5) water supply line to refrigerator icemakers

6) replacement of under sink water filters

7) cleanout of air‐conditioning drain lines

8) cleanout of hot water tank drain lines

9) air‐conditioning handler units/maintenance

10) toilet wax seals and Johnny bolts/sewerage  — leaks in walls and ceilings go unnoticed for lengthy periods of time

He suggests that the hot water tanks are replaced per manufacturer recommendations. Under sink water filters should be replaced every five or six years. While the remaining items on the list should be replaced every eight /nine or no more than 10 years.

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