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Master Association Newsletter

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Lauren Snyder, General Manager of the Tarpon Point Property Owners Association [the master association which manages common property such as the roads, walks, pools, etc.] is now sending out a periodic newsletter with information about master association and community activities.  If you have not received an email from her with this information, she probably doesn’t have your email address.  You can send it to her at .

Pest Control

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Arrow Environmental Services acquired “Bug Free” and will honor the contract the Lake Homes had with Bug Free that provided quarterly spraying around our buildings and pest control inside condos on an as needed basis.

If you need pest control, call 1-888-799-2847.



If you are wondering —

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— about the April 2 TPPOA [Master Association] meeting, I am told the Architectural Review Board  approves new construction within Tarpon Point.  This board’s activity primarily impacts just new homes in the Estates.

New directory for Tarpon Gardens Circle

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Do you want to participate in a directory of residents on Tarpon Gardens Circle?  

If you wish to participate, please email

It will include all residents of both the Lake Homes and Park Homes.  But because this is a public website, names, phone numbers and email addresses will be password protected.

Steve Colburn has been collecting the information, but your information will not be included unless you agree.  Similarly, the password will be shared only with those who agree to participate.

In order to give people time to participate, I do not expect to have the directory actually up and running for a few weeks — and as I will be out of town for ten days, it may be the as late as the end of March.


Important Legal Documents added to this site

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The Legal Documents governing the Tarpon Point Property Owners Association [the “Master Association”] can be found at the bottom of the page labeled “Rules & Regulations, Condominium Declaration.”

If you have not already down so, you should consider taking the time to explore the various pages of this website for important information regarding your home.  For example, you will find links to information on garbage pickup and other utilities, meeting announcements, and the people to contact about both Lake Homes and the “Master Association” issues.

Make this community bulletin board a success.

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We have 64 units on the “lake side” of Tarpon Gardens.  People have asked the Board for more information and for ways to communicate with their neighbors.  The Board, however, is restricted by law to communicating only on official business.

This site, however, is a volunteer un-official operation.  We can talk about community activities, master association activities, etc.   But to be successful, we need as many people as possible to be involved.  Right now, we have only about 20 percent.

  1.  Tell your neighbors about this site.
  2. Urge them to click on “follow” in order to get email notifications.
  3. If you have something to share, email:
  4. Finally, Board Member Chuck Thornton has proposed we create a “directory” of owners.  We could do that on a password protected page on this website [only participants would have the password], but the number of people responding to the mailing asking for permission to use their information has been very limited.  Let the Board know how you feel about the idea.  Their emails are listed under the page for “Board” or you can reply by emailing to the address above.  There is not much sense doing it unless we have broad participation.

The site is maintained by Ray Randlett in 5917 #202.  I welcome your comments and suggestions.